Saturday, 16 March 2013

I am a wave

I came to realise writing poems is a wonderful way to convey the depth of often intense and complex emotions felt during my challenging work with my students. It also serves a cathartic and theraputic function. I shall probably experiment more with this. For now, here is the first of my poem written in such a context:

Waves recede from the shoreline
moving into the centre of the sea
where ripples meet and waves from all directions come crashing.
A fearful moment - helpless,fearful, despondent, resigned, overwhelmed and defeated.

The sea is calm yet again.
Just give it time and a little bit of faith.
For the sea will once again regain its might.

Waves gain speed, they surge forth, alongside other brothers and sisters
Together they come crashing down the shoreline,with all their might.
It will not be long before one find its place at the centre of the sea again.
Part of nature and simply part of how things are.

The waves know that.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Bamboo trees

Bamboo trees sway in the wind
Ever so light.
They look weak and susceptible to the strong winds that come their way.
Perhaps a light breeze could ruffle them so so easily.
Yet they are unrelenting,surviving.
They bend with the flow of life
They go where the wind takes them.
An air of serenity about them that is unspeakable. 
Speak gently to them; they are listening, taking in and pondering.
They are survivors.