Monday, 17 April 2017

Buying my dream home

Having bought my dream home, it dawned upon me that  deciding upon a house is akin to falling in love.

When you first set your eyes on it/him, you cannot believe your eyes – can such wondrous being exist? Is it true, is it tangible? Your heart skips a beat.

Perhaps I should not get carried away, I remind myself at the beginning. After all, there may be others out there who can give you the same feeling. Don’t settle so soon, so fast, easily – the rational mind speaks.

So you look elsewhere. You share with good friends all the areas of concern you have. You want to know all the negative things that they could possibly think of and which you could possibly have turned a blind spot to. You make a mental note of all these areas, scribbling them down so that you don’t overlook any. You go back and ruminate. 

Perhaps that’s not for me. See, all my friends think so.

The passage of time makes the call. Your rational mind answers, and so does the emotive heart. You cannot stop thinking – you have the answer. You have found THE ONE.