Saturday, 18 August 2018

My NorthLight School students

Murphy has reached out to many children through various storytelling sessions,
but the most satisfying and moving sessions often arise when reaching out to whom the
story is dedicated -- students of NorthLight School where i teach.

On this day in class 2S1 where Murphy’s story was shared, i was heartened by how
the students were able to so quickly grasp the key themes in Murphy’s story.

They spoke about accepting themselves for who they were and how that could inspire
others around them. They too shared about the need to be a friend to the weak, yet  
were also very honest about their failings and how they succumb to their quick temper
at times. The most moving one came from a student who shared that it reminded him how
“there is something special in (their) hearts” even though they have difficulties in their lives.

That is how special our students are.